October 11, 2012


Recently, I've been quite obsessed with bleaching and coloring clothes...
I'm really charmed by the shades of black fading into gray and white, I know, nothing that uncommon.
And here's a few things I have already re-done.
(just forget about the blue shorts..I don't even know what are they doing in this photo XD)
And the detail on the heart I bleached and studded a bit.
An H&M vest I bought thinking, it was white and it turn to be peach eventually. However I wore it a lot,but I felt like it needs a change as I didn't wear it a lot last days.
Navy blazer into black and my probably not even achievable idea..Inspired by L.JOE, one of my recent fashion inspiration ^^
And a vivid purple skirt I bleached into lighter lavender and then even bleached it's edges x)
The item why I actually bought a decolorant : this dress used to be black and white, but after some washing matchine incident, the white parts were full of black stains, so I was advised to use an textile decolorant but, things got even more interesting, when the dress became brown...

Still having a part of my black color, searching through my wardrobe to what should be recolored next ...keke :D ♥


  1. :D:D I love decoloring and re-coloring too! <3
    And that levender skirt is really pretty :3

  2. This is probably the only craft I haven't really tried yet, but I should - the stuff you revamped looks awesome.

  3. I love the lavender skirt!! :-) And also the last dress, it looks pretty in brown :-) !