October 13, 2012

Monster - White Christmas [k-drama]

White Christmas, also know as "Monster" is the most recent k-drama I really fell in love with.

Why I consider this drama so amazing and what makes it better than other k-dramas?
-It has only 8 episodes :D
Not kidding.

No, I sincerely believe, that's not the only good point. It just doesn't feel like a drama, and I really mean it. No classical clichés, as even the story is quite different (at least, when it comes to k-drama world), great soundtrack which makes the thrilling story even more suspenseful.

Also...it has many many many good looking actors playing a really well made characters.
And Lee Soo Hyuk playing a pretty insane guy, so called "Angel"...
You gotta love him!!!

What's the plot about? : There's an elite school attended by the top 1% of students in the country "imprisoned" there for the whole year except 8 days during the Christmas holiday. And here the story starts, when all the students leave except a few of them and one teacher of their.
But from the very start, things are getting more and more complicated to the point they have to fight for their own lives.

"After 8 days, walk up the path by the zelkova tree. Under the clock you will see….someone dead.

I hope I whet an appetitefor watching it of those, who haven't heard about it yet, or those who have been postponing watching it as I used to do before.
Another video, spoilers aren't included x)


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  1. It sounds so interesting, I hope I'll have time to start watching it soon. *-*