October 10, 2012


A few months old newbies, but I've been collecting those photos for some time already, not posting them would be a waste of time, really!
Firstly, Burgaaains ..XD Really, all these books cost like 400 czech crowns (20$?) including postage..
I can't even describe how much I DO live antiquarian books x)
Then the first impulse : I bough something pants reminding, and kept repeating it the whole day back then..
Cheetah leggings, chiffon mint waist shorts -H&M
both headbands - GATE
And here's the crucial point : pants in my wardrobe, what's more, two of them. (Although the black had already gone through a little update of ripping, the blue one are still waiting for what will happen to them..x)
Both trousers from F&F
shorts - ebay
black fishnet shirt - second-hand
sweater-alike thing - DIY
Also, I've been always crazy about proper power shoulders, but since I'm hairless (sounds weird, whatever) I've many doubts about if it would suit me or not...So I took this shirt to the changing room and ended up paying for it...ah.
This is also one of those really lucky items I managed to buy..**
Ann Christine
Some other ebay jewelery x)
scarf- H&M
bracelet - K!K
And the last thing, which is absolutely out of topic, but it's something my parents brought me from their holiday in Turkey..As I'm really huuuge chalwa fan...
But I can't eat it for some time now,as I really ate it almost all by myself...:OOO


  1. OMG, I can't decide what I like more, the book haul or all the cool clothes.

  2. Wow, these are all such great finds!

    <3 Melissa