October 6, 2012

Pierrot The Clown [LB post]

Not that long time ago, there was this event at our school called Asia days, so I quite dressed for it although I wanted to blow it off at the beginning. Not that it would change anything, as it was nothing so special... at least I wore "proper" lolita outfit again (my version of lolita ofc,therefore let's rather say so-called lolita to not offend anyone^^) ...
I almost forget how beautiful the world seems to be from the RHS and huuuge skirt stuffed with a petticoat around you. The feeling you are not that much of human with all the things on you. Maybe I don't wear harajuku-inspired clothes that often anymore, but it's not over me as well. However I have never tended to stylize myself into one fixed style with compulsory rules, so I would say, that the way I dress is just a mirror of the most current influences affecting my life, my opinions and mostly my inner world. Just now, there influences out of harajuku are stronger, blame k-pop world probably, but who knows what will come afterwards..x)


  1. Skvělý outfit. Ten kabátek je boží.

  2. Ach...ten tvůj pas...to je krása ^^

  3. ...Placebo *____*
    (promiň, vzhledem ke svému barbarství toho víc ocenit neumím xD)

  4. cute outfit!! <333

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  5. Do me a favour and don't be so perfect, I am depressed O.o

  6. I love the lolita platforms *O* Just perfect!