February 4, 2014

Seoul I said, the start of the travel

Hi there ~
Some of you already know, some doesn't...
Right now, I'm in a big hassle cause there's a super long journey ahead...
Because I'm going to Seoul for a few days
Tadaaaah ~

I'm literally out of my mind, because for a time being,there is no other place I'd like to visit as much as Seoul -  South Korea's capital...
The idea was born right after our (Mine and my friend's Haru) arrival from Paris this September (I haven't talked about that before, but we just spontaneously went to Paris for 2 days, cause we needed a little coup d'état of our own before the end of holidays and my friend's departure. So we had no hotel and sort of hitchhiked there, it was a survival yet we had probably not enough as we set this plan, while waiting in the night Prague for our morning buses and trains back home)
(But we even visited Oscar Wilde's tomb x)

It's actually really scary, because I'm exactly the type who gets lost almost everywhere...

Seriously...if you're watching winner tv show for example, and you saw 2nd episode, just imagine it wasn't Jinwoo there but me, cause I wouldn't carry on that challenge better :D
I really see myself doing exactly those things, getting lost everywhere..:D
But you know...you have to be thrown to the water sometimes to really learn how to swim.
I'm planing to take a loads of photos and spam afterwards, mapping all the amazing places we'll visit there..(if my airplane won't fall down right after taking off which would be sort of typical actually,..if so, I'm gonna swim there or walk there really cause I'm not gonna let this cookie to be taken from me...nah!)

Wish me luck then and see you maybe ...


  1. Ooh, envious! Good luck on the journey! You'll be fine, I was really scared of my trip to Japan since my flight arrived late etc., but it was alright, people are usually really helpful. :)