May 27, 2011

Harajuku picnic

Almost two weeks ago I was in Prague at a Harajuku picnic, for this time  like a little unlooked-for host, cause my friend Haru also turned 18 years that day and I wanted to bring myself like a present..XD
And I'm really glad I've been there, because I haven't been for such a long time at any meeting like this so I've almost forgotten how terribly superb feeling is to be at meet-up like this - with many kind and stylish people around. Being there, just hack around with them while eating muffins, chatting or browsing some hand-made products someone's been a heaven for someone like me - really x)

Stop being sentimental and just prattle around...Here are a few photos, cause I'm too lazy to take a camera with me so I just have to prey people which wasn't as lazy as I'm...
So thanks to Pepu, Melody, Ketmara and others ♥

With Sayu and someone which name I don't remember (-_-" sorry) 

How it actually looked like, when a few of us occupied one Prague's park hum! 

And again, big Kira also arived!

So his fans was again beside with joy

With Nead in sweet lolita (no need to speak about how adorable she looked)

With Medůza (do you noticed my so excited expression like a little child which's got its first Barbie XD)

With my dearest Anne...

With Kvička

 And a few Ketmara's photos of me and Haru

And some Melody's (Or Akeshis? who knows xD) photos..x)

and Melody...each of them looked just too adorable..Thanks too all this people I really felt like somewhere out of this republic ♥♥♥

And the most original one in the end... You think that tehre are many shoes photo? Fuu and have you ever seen a shoes photo where not everyone have one on? xD

And something like a bonus for everyone who endured this heavy photos spam x)
Me, Haru, Pepu and Kitsu being
and Japanese tourists xD


  1. It was one of the best days of my life (if not the best day ever) and you were the best present! ♥

  2. Aw I hate my photos, I amglad they're so bad quality! :D But I loved seeing you Lisa<3

  3. how nice of you guys to hold something like this. i could imagine it was a visual treat at the park. (

  4. woow zelam si aby sa aj na slovensku konalo nieco podobne <3