July 25, 2012

About my J-drama marathon

Maybe some of you have noticed notes about my J-drama marathon (at the right of my blog, the Currently section) I started at Sunday and during the next 6 days I watched a lot of J-drama I wanted to see for quite a long time (although a bunch of theme is still waiting for being watched as I even downloaded some new in the wave of my ardour x)
So I will drop a few worlds about all the series I saw, maybe to warn or inspire others what to watch and what doesn't.
If you have seen any of them, I'd be glad to read your ideas or points about the show you liked or disliked and your opinion in total x)

I started with something rather stupid as I tried to alternate comedies and dramas (although I'm not really into comedies, but watching too many really serious things in a row is not exactly good idea x)

1.Asuko march!
It may be the classical J-drama portrayed by a stupid and annoying heroine with many beautiful boys around her, but it was really a good drama or one of the really well done of its kind (according to my taste)
Yes,many clichés as usual, many irritating moments caused by the main heroine, her constantly running somewhere and falling, all the really deep(NOT)speeches,BUT it had many funny scenes and humor I likedx)

About the story itself..a girl studying at technical school full of boys with only one other girl (which actually hates her).
As I'm really a huge fan of Gouriki Ayame (do not care that she's not that good actress, she's drop dead beautiful and CUTE :O) and I really liked the Aruto's character here..x)
Rating : 6/10

2.Watashi ga renai dekinai riyuu
I had a great expectation of this drama because of the story about 3 girls of different ages,who are all stuck in the desert of (no)love, starting to live together, sharing all, their miseries as same as hopes and happiness. 

I'm too sorry to say,nothing so special in the end. Maybe I just wasn't in the right mood for this sort of drama, so dividing it into parts would have a better outcome rather than watching it all at once.

3. Kaseifu no mita
I'm not sure actually. I liked it, but sometimes I was a bit bored as it tend to be repetitive and somehow problems seemed to take too long to be solved.
 I was quite torn apart if it's really good, or rather bad, but some quite innovative things really appeared as a new type of father, and children's characters were really well done.
Story has many highlights. Something was too dramatized, something was well done so the emotions even touched me. (for example Kakeru's crush down)
About the story, 4 children of a different age whose mum unexpectedly died and their father is far from being the ideal papa of their. The mess rules the household until a new housekeeper appear.
Someone who would do anything you will order him to do. Even kill someone. Except smiling of course.


But I have noticed during this serial, that I'm absolutely resistant to this wanna-be-touching speeches.
Do not even thing about them...
4. Muscle girl!
An absolute fiasco. Never again. I hardly completed it. Almost dropped it, but I don't like doing that so I tried really hard to finish it. It seems I want be able to enjoy anything related to Hong Ki, because of this master-rubbish.

5. Soredemo, ikite yuku
Yes, I'm a huge fan of Eita, but it didn't play that huge role in my rating.
I just love this sort of dramas and I've actually knew the whole time, that it will become my favorite.
It's absolutely believable story of hatred and lost of two families which both are living pitiful lives. All the emotions are portrayed by amazing actors, so you will be mostly touched (as I was) and drawn down the flow of the story. 
Also...One of the most believable  affection I have seen filmed included. x)
Unfortunately the last episode or the final solution was taking the whole serial down.
opening : 
Another + : amazing soundtrack ♥♥♥

And now I'm full time reader...See ya!


  1. Oh, I watched Asuko March and quite liked it :) I'm definitely gonna check no. 2, it looks nice. Thanks for the tips!

    1. You're welcome Vita..the only thing I'm still a bit scared of is the fact of eventually inspiring someone in watching Muscle girl :D That person would blame me to the end of his life I guess XD