July 5, 2012

Australia's Next Top Model cycle 4

The second cycle I saw right after the cycle 5,however I must admit that it was much weaker. Although there were some girls I rooted for, it was usually because they were enemies of those I hated. No absolute fav at all... just a lotsa dramas,bitching and fattening in the house...
And what's more, the house was really full of competitive bitches so they even bullied one of my most favorite girl there  Alamela Rowan  (maybe I started to like her even more after the bully issue, as she was really strong and didn't care.)

But they sent her home quite early and so they did with Belinda Hodge, another of those, I quite like for her being so clumsy and geeky XD

Another of these I liked was Leiden Kronemberger. Or rather I like her look (tomboy,white hair, I'm so so obvious,don't tell me more..)
But it seemed as she isn't giving her all in to it,giving up things too soon etc.
In the end only these two girls remained, and I had to root for Alex (the left one),cause she knew at least something about fashion (actually she was quite a fashionista x) and I couldn't forgive Demelza's bullying issue and get over her personality I didn't like.

This cycle was pretty weak, neither huge potentials or really pretty girls. And I think, that everytime someone sucked, judges were making decisions based on how pretty the contestants are, not how good photos they had before...
Gonna watch the third session,although I know it's winner already, but she seemed to be my potential fav x)
See ya
Actually...she's pretty similar to Demelza...

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