July 17, 2012

Waking Life [LB]

From the second day of our journey x)
The first day we attended Japan Expo as the day before t was already meaningless to go there just for the last two hours. And we were really exhausted too...
I chose to attend this huge event in a "normal" clothes, however, many people photographed me though.
The solution : I was like head over them..XD

All thanks for these photos are heading again, to my dear full-time mushroom Fabi-an ♥


  1. Teprve na této sérii fotek jsem si všimla rovnátek :D
    Jinak ti to moc sluší :-)
    PS: Máme podobné vlasy - obzvlášť zezadu XD

    1. Podrobně jsem si musela projít každou fotku v tomhle příspěvku a zkoumat, jak moc mi to ujelo a byly ukázány světu XD
      A moc děkuji x)
      Já si to do nedávna nechávala do špičky, teď pro změnu do ztracena :D

  2. Perfektní...může mi někdo vysvětlit jak můžeš pořád vytvářet tak dokonalý, úchvatný a promyšlený outfity? :D

    1. :"3 *blushing* Ač bych je (a zvláště tenhle) vážně nenazvala )chvatnými nebo tolik promyšlénými..
      Děkuji za komentář Mari x)

  3. Full-time mushroom.....HERE I AM!!! AND YOU ARE THE BEST AND I MISS YOU AND PARIS AND JAPAN EXPO... someday I need to throw away a mug with coffee...

    but I need to say something which is not really related to this post but whatever...:I hate australia's next top model or should I say this cycle. How could they do that??? Did you already watched last episode? I'm so angry right now. I would be absolutely devastated..

    Last thing.... Did you realise that your blog is full of mushrooms???? :D Love ya....

    1. Here you are, Alive and ok? If so, I'm really proud you made it through, cause I had to sleep almost like 2 days in a row just to fill that huge gap and offset all the nerves act. And I'm actually feeling pretty down recently..after it all ended.
      But if I'm right, you should be leaving for Croatia today aren't you?

      Yesm it's a must to do for a life :D

      Yes, I did right after my arrival, and it made me feel really bad for Kelsey not that I'd be a fan of hers.

      Don't tell me... Imagine how it must to appear to all of those who actually don't know what that damned mushroom actually means XD

  4. yeah I'm ok.. kind of. :D Still can't talk properly(it always happens to me after colours of ostrava) and most of time I was just stayin home watching dorama, listening to k-pop and from time to time watching ANTM which makes me really upset. I didn't like Amanda from the start and Kelseyis not really my type :D but I hate this kind of things like: and winner is you...actually it's not you... eeh

    I'm not leaving today but tomorrow's morning. Today I have to get out of my bed and start packing.

    mushrooms mushrooms MUSHROOMS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!