July 13, 2012

Back from Paris

So I'm back, and yes I'm lucky to announce we have survived without any harm (except the harm to our financial budget)

Although I wanted to post something right from our hotel in Paris, where we had a connection to Internet, I didn't make it so I will briefly write something about last days I spent with my friends Elisse and Fabi in Paris before a bigger review of the whole Japan Expo, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's concert, Anli Pollicino's concert, 6% doki doki madness etc. x)

I know that my before-departure article was a bit "gonna die there fro sure", but my prospects weren't that bright, and the whole staying seemed to became the most challenging week in my life.
In the end, it wasn't that far from the truth :D 

We booked a hotel which should be like 18,9 km from Japan Expo (Parc des Expositions) but it ended up about 1 hour of traveling away if things went right (if not it usually has come to the scenario of 3 hours of traveling and ending up somewhere at the end of the Parisian world, where the pink  foam is sold).

I really think we experienced almost everything you can imagine..
Getting to wrong train (RER), ending up at an absolutely unknown place, getting to the bus in different direction, living in a place where are no buses during the weekend so you have to walk a few kilometers on your heels to get to the train station (or thumb a lift x), thumbing a lift in the middle of night and all the great experiences with our eccentric bus drivers.
After all, I don't think we were unlucky, rather the opposite of it. We had really great luck when the things went wrong. Even French usually not speaking English helped us a lot (USUALLY) or at least, tried to help us as much as possible.

Shortly, We were in Prague the whole Wed 4th of July, went shopping  through some shops, taking photos, meeting a friend, lighting Paul's macaroon etc.
My departure

And our arrival to Prague 

Cause it was Elisse's 18th birthday
Looks like a screen snap from a camera...some beggars lying around XD
infection of vegetable crisps successful...

Then we set to the travel around 23:00 and arrived to Paris around 1 p.m.
After the enthusiastic arrival, the cruel reality got us and we got lost in the brutal system of Paris de Nord station trying to get to our hotel.
Therefore we were too happy that we actually got there to leave it again that day.
Friday was therefore the first day of Japan Expo we attended.

After the Expo's ending, we stayed the whole Monday at our hotel, watching Australia's next top model cycle 6,  lolling around, walking through neighborhood and preparing our foots for the next day spent in center of Paris, at Eiffel tower (actually trying to meet Jang Geun Suk which arrived a day before and we were really positive about meeting him...:D),Champs-Élysée street and visiting Baby the stars Shine Brights and shop selling AP's stuffs (And Manga toys shop *.* :D)
Two Eiffel towers :D
The only decent photo of my that day's outfit...
Ba-by, Ba-by uuu!

Really, I saw so many lolita things at one place that it was brainwashing. *__*
Next day, we had to leave quite early our hotel (and actually, we caught the last bus without knowing it is the last one to catch our bus back to CR) so we spent the last hours in Paris by shopping and spending our last money for a food (and amazing Parisian crepes with nutella,coco and banana, brownies and croissants)
And because our bus was half-empty, not only Elisse got to sleep for a while..x)
And thats about our little trip to France.

About the Japan expo itself, some outfits photo-shoots posts and review of Australia's Next Top Model, Cycle 6 will appear soon.
Bye bye ♥


  1. This is it! My dear mushroom, in this article you have captured the mood of our trip perfectly.

  2. Awesome, I didn't go to the expo in the end, so I'm looking forward to your article. I only had 6 hours in Paris, so I barely made it to the shops in Rivoli, and in the end, they actually sold cuter stuff in our small town, since it wasn't so bought out already as Paris was.

    1. It's a shame you didn't make it there, but it's maybe much better to don't go there just for a few hours than not going there at all, cause it was really enormously big and it would just mess your feelings..x)
      But at least, the section of young artists there were fabulous, full of amazing (and expensive) things, jewelery,clothes etc.!!! **

  3. Replies
    1. It really was yay!!! So cute, and even 3 lolitas came there **

  4. Is seems you had really nice time there! Yay! :)