July 8, 2012

Australia's next top model cycle 3

A cycle I would call Alice's cycle cause of Alice Burdeu's flawlessness and pure beauty... even though I know the winner much earlier, I still enjoyed it and stayed rooting for Alice to the end. To be honest, there was no competitor to her,really...all the girls there, drama-queens,children and girls joining this show without deeper passion for fashion...
Somehow, this cycle screamed "reality show" much stronger than others did. All what the girls were doing was bitching and not caring about fashion at all (Karl's sentence "Karl who" here got the true meaning...like WHUT GIRLS?)

I also haven't got Paloma Rodriguez yet. Such a strange creature...
Jane Williamson was one of the lighter spots,a girl I quite liked (or I would like if..), but I'm over it already that all these interesting and androgynous or unusual in some way tends to don't care and fuck that all..fufufu

Also Cassandra Hughes would win a prize for the least favorite of mine as she drove me mad even by the way she spoke. Dumb, annoying, dumb and really ugly!

If nothing, this cycle brought our ethereal Alice...


  1. That girls is really interesting... But only as photomodel, I can't imagine her walking on the catwalk.

    1. No way! She was from the first moment the best walker...She's really stunning at her catwalk..Really mean it!