July 15, 2012


And here I am with a little follow-up of the first part about travel to Paris of mine and my friends  Elisse and Fabi with the main point :
Japan Expo 2012

Although we have tickets for all 4 days, we didn't made it for the first day, therefore our first day there was Friday. At that day, our travel to the dreamland started. Literally.


Just the entrance

We all had known, that this event will be much bigger than everything we had already experienced, but no one of us actually expected it will be that huge. And If I say huge, I mean megalomaniac, a world I kept repeating the whole time. Not that it had two huge halls filled with people and stalls selling everything from historical Japan to modern Korea, but there were even two (or more?) concert halls (bye bye concert in gyms :D) and one huge garden in the middle of one of those halls.

I'm really interested in the final number of visitors..it must be about few tens of thousands.
Regardless of the enormousness of this event, there were no problems or any gaps in their systems. We kept repeating, that ADV teams should learn something.

But I won't go day by day describing all lectures,concert and amazing people we saw (not that I would be able to do that chech :D) but I will at least try to capture the essential things.
Although we were anxious to see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, learning her dances and lyrics during the evening at our hotel, we actually didn't know about the whole 6% doki doki crew attending this event. So we were really astonished to run into Sebastian Matsuda around the stall with Japanese magazines, and then into the whole 6% doki doki stall with Vani behind it.

I was always more the Spank! girl, not even that big fan of Vani, but after meeting her in the real...
She's really damn nice and polite..and smileyyyy! ♥_♥
Then we saw many cosplay events, fashion shows of local designers and also a traditional something between dance and theatre performance.
The next day was in sign of Kyary.
Although we didn't make it to the meet and greet (we stood close by, watching Kyary repeating Bonjour,Merci,Aulevoir to everyone while shaking their hand, yes I felt a bit sorry for her, but if I could be at their place I would forget about any of these thoughts) we at least caught amazing places at the other hall where show with Kyary,Idoling and Zipper models took place.
And here also starts the story of me falling in love with Seto Ayumi ....
During the Anli Pollicino concert (They were amazing as I don't have the opportunity to get to concerts of Japanese bands...are any of you going to their Prague gig? They are really worth it!), we took the opportunity to rock hard right to the front rows and eventually ended up in the first one :D
Not that I wouldn't see properly from the 8th row as if I'm in the first one (really, have never noticed before, how tiny Parisians are)

The last day of JE was mainly about shopping in the Jeunes créateurs sections offering amounts of amazing handmade stuffs **
I really felt like buying something for Frankie or Meimei :D ♥
and also feeding our new Purikura addiction (dream came true)
And eventually, there was the last 6% doki doki show including a fashion show with Zipper models and a concert of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.
And the final dot after the whole Japanese culture event was for a few hours overcrowded platforms and RER..we all waited for some guys with white gloves on their hands pushing people into them..XD

And that's probably about it...
I went there as a "sort of Kyary's fan" and came home infected as never before by the whole cuteness and madness.
Kyary itself is a real living doll. Maybe I expected her to be more over-the-top-crazy-doing-all-the-crazy-faces etc., and eventually she came across as a bit shy and nice Yamato Nadeshiko alike *.*
Also,it's quite funny, that almost everyone interested in fashion who attend JE is filling up all his profiles with the photos "Me and Sebastian Matsuda" , "Me and 6%doki doki shop girls"
..poor them actually...

But there are not that many people I guess, who can stick to their article THIS!!!
(Not that I'd be proud of that crappy appearance of mine...but never mind, as long as Kyary could possible watch this..) 

Uff...and that's the end of this eternal post.
I will post some photos separately..x)


  1. FINALLY the article I've been waiting for and I'm almost crying of jealousy, hahaha. :'D I really love her so much and also the whole Doki Doki crew. *-* And congratulations for being famous! ;D

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    1. from tumblr although I know, that doesn't help you..However I feel like I saw this anime, I can't think of any from whom it can be x/

  3. I LOVE the video (even though we look the way we look), our seconds of fame ^^

  4. yaaay want go to thic con toooo <3

  5. to video... je tak totálně nabité pozitivní energií O.o kyary je skvělá a ten koncert musel být ohromný zážitek... a gratuluju vám, hehe :D