July 3, 2012

Leaving for Paris

So tomorrow, I'm going to Paris with my friends.
Escaping from this unbearable weather...

Firstly, we are spending a day in Prague and then, we will take a midnight student agency's bus straight to Paris. Yay!
Unfortunately not all of these, who were meant to go are going (T.T I know u will read this Taira, so take care ♥), but I hope we will survive somehow, although it will be the most challenging travel in my life..x)

Not to forget the main point of the whole trip and that's JAPAN EXPO...
My first time of an international cultural festival *.*
(I prepared some other "next model" posts so it won't be totally dead here..)
So take care and wish us luck...


  1. I'll steal that last gif from you. :)

    Have a nice trip love! Take care! <3

  2. oh, lucky you! I'm still not sure if I'll stay in Paris also on Sat and go to the Japan Expo or not... But I'll be in Paris on Friday at least till 9 p.m.