July 2, 2012

Australia's Next Top Model cycle 5

And the first Australia's cycle I started with. And Honestly, I really like it except the final episode, which is too long and too public attention seeking.
Also, Sarah Murdoch is a great host, it's not Tyra,
but I like her more than Jodhi Meares who's "Tyra" in the previous Australian cycles. 

In my opinion, this cycle was full of flawless girls.
Maybe too much.
A sweetheart I was truly in love was Madison. She was such a little madcap, making all sorts of funny faces. I wish she would take it more seriously and stay longer.
Then I like Mikarla for being the tiniest, still pretty strong personality. 

After Madison, I was rooting for Clare Venema,as she has such an angelic face, was elegant and ethereal.

With whom I straggled the most was our delicate Cassi Van Den Dungen
Yes, she's such an unusual beauty, the type of model I really love cause they're like a little magic, coming in front of the camera and becoming a new creatures.
But she was just so immature, hysterical, old-fashioned with absolutely no taste in style.
God, forgive me, I really ended up rooting for her to win...
Another girl I firstly didn't like cause I viewed her like a typical mainstream pretty, butI  eventually found a way to like her a bit..

Next time, I'm gonna speak about the 4th cycle.
I hope there's at least someone who's interested x)


  1. Actually I am (interested :D) but tell me tenshi should I start with britain's or australia's version?

    1. I would say Australia's, but it depends,really. I've watched more australia's cycles than britain's so it's maybe because of that,but even the britain's cycle wasn't bad...sorry, I wasn't of much help I guess.

    2. Australia's of course... because Australia is the best xD