July 15, 2012

Some new stuffs

Things I brought from Paris, although some of them were bought in Prague at the day of our departure.
For example the black wedges (They are from Baťa-my savior,as I just couldn't leave for Paris without black shoes)
and Claire's tights with flowers. I bought there a black lipstick too (but forgot to take a picture of it) as I aimed to have one such a long time (not that long as navy or baby blue one, but at least I have this one!!!)
Then I bought mint tights in F&F too (not included in the photo too, also one of the long-aimed to have item )
The camel brown shoes are from Champs-Élysées's H&M and its huge sales as same as 3 pairs of black tights x)
Then oreo ring from some independent artist and new pure cause I was in need of one for a long time!
Here are our purikura stickers...a bit addictive really.
And some Shinee things I bought at Japan Expo.
(I know I know..I'm such a traitor coming back stuffed with so many Shinee's things and without single SS501 item...God forgive me..)
I also got this huuuge badge from one Japanesse guy there and I really wanted to ask, if there's anyone who would translate me the text on it. 
Coming soon : Japan Expo review :D


  1. Our purikura ♥! And I love both pairs of your shoes.

    1. But still noone translating my badge..I can't wear it until someone do so!!!

  2. Translation would be something like:
    "Isn't that just what you'd expect from Suzumiya?"
    or "As expected of/from Suzumiya."
    But I'm not sure, I'm not that good in Japanese:/
    It's just that:
    さすがは[sasugawa] means: as expected/as one would expect;
    涼宮さん[Suzumiya] is the name
    and ですね[desune, but they don't read the U, I'm sure you know^.~ ] could be translated as: something is blah blah, isn't it?/blah blah, you know?
    I hope it helped._. Just don't worry, it's nothing nasty :D

    I hope you're doing well and have an awesome summer ^-^

    From Hachi
    (the one, about whom you remembered that loves Totoro and made the most beautiful ring for her <3)