July 20, 2012

Australia's Next Top Model cycle 6

And the first cycle I actually watched with someone XD
Guess it's even bigger fun :D
This cycle is well known for the foreign destination - Japan. I actually saw that part with Kawaii TV, Aoki Misako and all the dollying up those final girls, but torn out of the concept, it seemed to be much worse, than when you watch it like the part of the show. Actually, it wasn't that bad as everyone keep repeating.

My absolute favorite was always funny, godzilla Jessica Moloney, who amazed me right in the start by her "I'm unemployed, trying to find the meaning of the life"
I really loved her humour x)
No doubt! She's a mushroom!

My second favorite girl was Kathryn Lyons,ultracute with facial features too big to not be liked by me :D

Then, I also quite liked the look of Chantal Croccolo, maybe because of the resemblance to my friend (boy, but nevermind :D)

For example Joanna Broomfield was  undeniable pretty, but I couldn't start to like her in general.
On the other hand, Sophie Van Den Akker 
which I truly hated from the start became almost my fav in the end (Blame her accent and the Japanese photoshoot where she was forced to "Look in to tha future" and also Elisse, who rooted for her in the end)

Eventually the end was quite depressive, Sarah announced a bad girl to be winner, then apologized and announced the right one, but although I wasn't rooting for any of them, I felt really bad in their stead.

Really Sarah...


  1. Jessica Moloney is my favourite, reminds me of a girl from first minimovie in Tokyo!

  2. I liked watching it so much. I should hurry and download some other NTP. And I still didn't watch the last episode because I am too scared to do that. I don't even plan to do that in tha future.

    1. Even Fabi already finished it so you should do so, to be angry all together with us!!